Rigid Fiberglass Targets

Group 8 Technology (G8T) produces a coating system (UF200) that has exceptional stability and durability when applied to fiberglass reinforced polyester (FRP) substrates.  This coating system consists of fluorinated urethane polymer which may be custom pigmented to produce a matte gray scale or multispectral reflecting surface.  This surface can provide a calibration or point reference (fiducial or control point) target over a long duration outdoor exposure of months to years.  The spectral reflectivity plot below shows the environmental stability of a UF200 painted FRP panel deployed continuously over a period of nine years. This panel was bolted to a concrete pad and removed, washed and the spectral reflectivity scanned on a quarterly basis during the nine year deployment period. The spectral reflectivity data shows minimal change during the nine years of continuous outdoor exposure.

RIgid Fiberglass Chart.JPG

Painted rigid fiberglass panels can be used as calibration targets when long duration continuous environmental tolerance is needed, such as:

• Calibration reference targets for monitoring vegetation growth over an entire growing season,

• Underwater deployment for water clarity monitoring and littoral mapping,

• Geodetic control points or fiducials for image mensuration analysis,

• Semi-permanent image quality assessment for overhead imaging sensors.


The UF200 painted FRP panels are sealed with a marine grade epoxy on the rear surface to prevent water penetration through or degradation of the fiberglass to the reflecting surface.  The spectral reflectivity of the painted surface is specified by the user with band averaged gray scale levels between 3% and 84%.  Custom multispectral and passive infrared pigmented coatings may also be applied.  The FRP panel sizes can be specified with dimensions ranging up to 1.2 meters x 2.4 meter (4 ft x 8 ft) with thickness ranging from 1.6mm to 12.7mm (1/16” to ½”).


UF200 painted FRP rigid fiberglass panels are manufactured to custom specifications based upon panel dimensions and the spectral reflectivity requirements.  Please contact us for additional information and pricing.