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Gray Scale
Dual Level Gray Scale Design with a Diagonal Transition

Portable Fabric Targets

Portable or transportable fabric calibration targets are manufactured using a heavyweight polyester fabric. A pigmented acrylic/silicone coating is applied to this fabric, producing the Type 822 target fabric and creating a matte, diffusive reflecting surface with minimal directionality. The pigmentation is adjusted to achieve the spectral reflectivity required for gray scale levels, multispectral color panels or passive thermal infrared targets.

The Type 822 fabric is woven and coated in long rolls that are 1.32 meters in width (web width). Multiple webs of fabric are ultrasonically spot welded and then sewn to form a 2.5cm (1") wide seam. Large panels, up to 10 meters x 20 meters, are fabricated by joining multiple webs that are seamed together to form a panel that is hemmed and grommeted so that it may be staked to the ground or deployed on an oblique or vertical billboard.

Type 822 Target Fabric

Type: Woven Polyester, Oxford Weave
Weight: 0.38 Kg/Meter2
Coating: Pigmented acrylic/silicone
Web Width: 1.32 meters (52")

Target Fabrication

Seam, Hems & Patterns: Ultrasonic spot welded then sewn
Stitch Type, Hems and Seams: Double needle lockstitch
Image Assessment Patterns: Single needle lockstitch
Thread: Polyester (color approximates reflectivity level)
Web-to-Web Seam Overlap: 2.5cm (1")
Panel Hems: 5cm (2") double fold - panels greater than 3M per side
5cm (2") single fold - panels 3M or smaller
Corners folded and grometted - panels 1.2 M or smaller
Hold-down Grommets: Approximately 1 meter centers (dependent upon panel size)
Edge Grommets: #4 Black brass, rolled rim, clawgrip

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