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Fixed Resolution Targets - Spray Painting of Resolution Elements

Fixed Array Targets

Fixed targets are gray scale, color scale or image assessment designs painted upon concrete or asphalt. G8T manufactures Type V2803 target paint which is a matte (diffuse) coating designed for spray application to existing concrete or asphalt pads. The V2803 formulation is a water based vinyl acetate-vinyl chloride paint that is pigmented by G8T to the reflectivity levels specified by the calibration or analysis requirements for the imaging system.

G8T can provide a field team of target design and paint application specialists to accomplish the layout, masking and application of the paint to produce the fixed target design on a pre-existing pad. This team will also dimensionally certify the as-completed target and characterize the spectral reflectivity of the elements of the fixed target for the user.

Fixed targets are subject to changes in reflectivity over time due to accumulation of blowing dust and precipitation. It will be necessary for the user to sweep and wash the target surface to maintain the reflective properties. The V2803 coating, once cured, can be walked upon with clean shoes and will withstand this routine maintenance activity without degradation.

Fixed targets are generally repainted every three to five years due to the continuous environmental exposure and gradual changes in the reflectivity of the coatings. Degradation of the concrete or asphalt pad also affects the useful life of a fixed target.

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