Group 8 Technology, Inc. (G8T) is a manufacturer of large test stimuli or ground deployed targets used for dynamic range calibration and image quality assessment of overhead remote sensing and image collection systems. Portable fabric targets or tarpaulins are fabricated by G8T in sizes ranging from 1.2 meters per side for low altitude systems, and up to 20 meters per side (or larger multi-panel arrays) for high altitude or satellite borne systems. These targets are fabricated from high strength, custom woven polyester fabric that is coated with a pigmented acrylic / silicone polymer to give a diffuse uniformly reflecting surface.

G8T portable targets are used to calibrate imaging sensors that are sensitive in the visible, near-IR and shortwave IR (SWIR) spectral domains. Specialty targets may be constructed using metallic pigmented coatings that are passive emitters in the thermal infrared region. Calibration panels that are spectrally neutral (gray) are fabricated by G8T with average reflectivity levels extending from 3% (maximum black) to 84% (maximum white). Standard gray scale levels are normally produced with band average reflectivity levels of 3%, 6%, 12% 24%, 36%, 48% and 60%. Color panels are produced in the standard primaries of red, green, blue (additive) and cyan, magenta, yellow (subtractive) or any custom colors needed for multispectral calibration purposes.

Image quality assessment targets are constructed with deterministic patterns ultrasonically welded and sewn to the coated polyester background. The designs include tribar resolution arrays, log periodic designs, edge and line targets, multiple line comb arrays, Landolt C panels or any design required for resolution performance, MTF evaluation and higher order aberration assessment of optical and image motion compensation performance.

Group 8 Technology products are being used world-wide to calibrate and assess the performance of imaging systems used in agricultural research, environmental assessment, surveillance, reconnaissance, LiDar or any image collection end use where system calibration is needed.


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